Who We Are

Konstrix Building Contracting L.L.C was set up in 2021, and it is now among the other top modernized contracting organizations in the United Arab Emirates. It was established by bringing together an exceptionally energetic group of engineers, architects, and support staff with outstanding track records in the UAE.

Konstrix has the capability of carrying out concept creation, designing, planning, and implementation of diversified projects on a turnkey basis for electrical and mechanical installations, operation and maintenance of commercial and industrial buildings and plants to power generation, water and sewage treatment.

Konstrix keeps pride in its strength of “Single source solution through effective team approach”, and undertakes projects, however large or small, under its promise of “Quality and in-time completion.

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We believe in ensuring top quality in our work by completing our projects within the guidelines established in the Scope of Work agreed with our clients. Our aim is to fulfil client needs and expectations to eventually achieve client satisfaction through our quality service.


We are a process and service driven company which believes in documenting our clients’ needs for transparency, and then deliver on their expectations through a systematic approach of following the latest project management principles.


Meeting project timelines and budget constraints are out top priority without any compromise on the best of class work quality and service to our clients. Our team of engineers ensure well thought-out plans and regularly monitored project executions to finish our projects within the agreed time and budget constraints.

Vlad Luca Filat, Managing Partner

What I Think

At Konstrix, continuous improvement is critical especially in an industry where the demands of delivery are becoming even more stringent. As a company, we are prepared for the toughest of challenges and see opportunity in adversity.

Our obligation to the environment, our employees’ health and safety, and the communities, in which we operate, is absolute. HSE awareness and craftsmanship permeates the organization and is one of the key factors distinguishing Konstrix from its competitors.

My commitment to Konstrix employees is to ensure an environment that welcomes their creativity and new ideas, challenges them to strive to be their best, and facilitates them to find and follow their passions.

We dedicate ourselves to providing services to our clients that go beyond just constructing buildings. We also adopt the process of engagement and collaboration with our clients making certain that our service delivery exceeds their expectations.

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